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Sargadelos, on July 15, 2020.– Starting next week, it is possible to live an authentic and genuine “SARGADELOS Experience” in the manufacturing and cultural complex that the firm owns in Cervo. It is a complete visit to the bowels of the firm through its facilities and its history.

The visitor who is captivated by a “SARGADELOS Experience” will be able to learn about the history and the production process as well as enjoy a unique stay, in a picturesque setting, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, through four stages:

First stage: SARGADELOS Museum.- The emblematic building that once housed the SARGADELOS Seminar, – acquired from the former owners by the business group at the end of last year – after recovering the original environments and through seven rooms, aims to show the history of ceramics, the aesthetic evolution of porcelain production and the important role that SARGADELOS played in Galician culture.

During the last months, work has been done on the recovery of the facilities and on concentrating the most relevant heritage that the firm has in order to share it with the public, the visitor will be able to take a tour of the origin of the current porcelain, that is, from the Galician traditional olería up to the most avant-garde pieces that SARGADELOS currently markets, passing through the countless collaborations that were made with renowned Artists and Celebrities such as Emilio Galassi, Arcadio Blasco, Carmen Perujo, Silverio Rivas or Camilo José Cela without forgetting the crucial role that Isaac Diaz Pardo and Luís Seoane performed in what is now the historic and prestigious BRAND.

Inside the rooms enabled you can visit the unique Seminary Library that houses a collection of more than 1000 books or the peculiar Auditorium.

The idea is to continue working to enable more rooms in the immediate future and in the recovery of the unique house that Isaac Diaz Pardo lived with his wife during his stay in Cervo. Furthermore, we intend to revitalize the facilities to host a varied and rich cultural program that reinforces the link between the Sargadelos Factory and the A Mariña Society, so that the aforementioned SARGADELOS Auditorium will be open to any initiative, regardless of those promoted by society. owner.

Second stage: Visit to the production plant.- The open and transparent spirit of SARGADELOS wants to continue bringing our production process closer to the public, therefore, we reopen our doors with free visits to the production plant during working hours, so that the visitor can learn about each of the processes a SARGADELOS piece goes through, until it becomes a unique piece of porcelain of the highest quality. It is a very laborious, quasi-artisan process and of great manufacturing complexity that has been kept alive for centuries and constitutes a treasure in itself. The visitor will be able to check and assess the delicacy and complexity of the production procedure, thus being able to appreciate the quality and design of the SARGADELOS pieces.

Third stage: SARGADELOS Gallery.- In which, in addition to being able to purchase items from SARGADELOS, you can see a wide exhibition of the different sections that are currently marketed: table service, decorative items, jewelry and accessories.

Fourth stage: Tavern SARGADELOS.- After more than 12 years, the “Taboa dos Irmandiños” returns to recover its function as a dining room. This iconic dependence, which was the dining room for employees for years, reopens its doors as TABERNA SARGADELOS so that neighbors and visitors can enjoy the most emblematic dishes of Galician cuisine served on SARGADELOS dishes or simply enjoy the stay with a drink. It came from “barrels” in the firm’s corners. In this new space, within the unmistakable Circular Floor Plan, Luis Seoane’s murals stand out, decorating and beautifying the room, creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.

With the “SARGADELOS Experience” we aim to awaken the most emotional and sensitive part of the visitor and share with the general public the valuable cultural and artistic heritage that the SARGADELOS GROUP has.

Taberna Sargadelos


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