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WorkShops Sargadelos_2017

SARGADELOS FOUNDATION with the collaboration of the Lugo Diputation organizes three workshops of ceramic design for a small number of participants with links to the world of design (maximum 10-12 students per workshop). It is proposed as a course of 40 hours, spread over 8 hours a day, in a week from Monday to Friday, using compatible techniques with those currently employed in the SARGADELOS productive processes:

Ceramics and fashion accessories. From the 16th to the 20th of October. Center of Handicrafts of Lugo.
Ceramics and lighting. From the 23rd to the 27th of October. Sargadelos Factory – Cervo – Lugo.
Ceramics and gastronomy. From the 6th to the 10th of November. Sargadelos Factory – Cervo – Lugo.

In addition to the SARGADELOS technical team, will participate in de Project prominent national and international designers in the three specialties invited, designers of the Industrial Design School of Ferrol of the UDC and the School of Fashion of Galicia, UVIGO.

Ceramics and fashion accessories: Design and development of parts for iteration and complement in the contemporary fashion sector. Textil, leather goods, jewelery and other accessories that can be made on ceramic supports. Research on new design formats for a hypothetical reproduction in porcelain. Review the history of the product, with an exploration of contemporary ideas and practices taking the fashion world as a stage for its development.
Guest designers: Helena Rohener – Marina Casal / Andrés Gallardo – Jorge Vázquez.

Ceramics and lighting: Design and development of ceramic pieces for contemporary lighting elements. This workshop will focus on research into the design of new ceramic lighting formats for production in China, the transmission of knowledge of ceramic techniques applied in SARGADELOS and the stages of the product design and development process applied to the lighting sector.
Designers / producers invited: David Martí and Jordi Capdevila of SANTA & COLE, ARTURO ALVARÉZ, Manuel del Río and Carlos Álvarez of ALVE.

Ceramics and gastronomy: Design and development of ceramic pieces for contemporary gastronomy, research on new design formats in porcelain to meet the demand for high gastronomy, in the search for specific support for a specific demand.
Guest designers: NADADORA / Isaac Piñeiro and CENLITROSMETROCADRADO / Xabier Rilo and Ricardo Tubio.
Cooks: Iago Pazos de ABASTOS 2.0 and Manuel Valencia de RESTAURANTE VOAR.

Workshops objectives:

Introduction to the methodology of product design and development.
Experimentation and learning through a personal design project related to the sector and the own activity in each one of the workshops.
New contributions in the search of original supports, for a real demand in an upward sector with needs of innovation and future.

Request for participation in the workshops:

Send a document with the following data:
1. Specify the Workshop you are interested in.
2. Brief justification of your interest in the Workshop.
3. Do you have training in any of the subjects that will be taught at the chosen workshop?
4. Do you have any professional experience related to the chosen workshop?
5. Curriculum Vitae.

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