Publicado el día 2019-11-07


This afternoon the Circular Plant of the Sargadelos Factory in Cervo hosted the presentation in society of BRÉTEMA Perfume Water. The event was attended by all the workers of the production plant of Cervo and a representation of the workers of the plant that the firm has in Castro de Samoedo (Sada), as well as customers and a strong representation of the associative tissue, the area’s business and politics. The presentation was given by Doña Sara Méndez, Creative Director of SARGADELOS, Don Segismundo García, Sole Administrator of the SARGADELOS Group and Don Rafael Marzan, Head of the ARENAL perfume chain, who, in addition to Sargadelos, will distribute the Brétema perfume on their premises.
In her turn, the creative leader of Sargadelos explained that [Galicia is a country of mists, of Brétemas, in our language and, It is precisely those cloud formations that appear and disappear at any moment and place in an unexpected way that give magic and mystery to our earth since time immemorial. Always interested in making known to the world our best material and immaterial peculiarities, we have tried to trap in a small jar of porcelain one of the most characteristic meteorological phenomena of Galicia, In the jar are engraved the four elements of nature necessary for the ceramic process to take place: fire, earth, air and water and, inside we have deposited a little of the essence of our land.
This, coupled with our history, result in a unique, unmistakable perfume packaged in an exceptional handmade ceramic container and painted on our signature cobalt blue. After the presentation ceremony, the attendees were able to taste a Galician wine accompanied by the performance of the Pablo Sanmamed Jazz group.



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