SARGADELOS Foundation will recover Carlos Maside Museum of Contemporary Art

Publicado el día 2020-10-29

Carlos Maside Museum

The new SARGADELOS Foundation’s Board aims to promote actions and recover spaces where the Group’s industrial culture is disclosed and, in general, the defense and promotion of the traditional and historical values of Galician culture.

The recovery and making available to the visiting public of the Carlos Maside Museum of Contemporary Art, in O Castro (Sada); the promotion of activities in the renewed auditoriums of Sargadelos, in Cervo, O Castro, in Sada, and the Instituto Galego de Información (IGI), in Santiago de Compostela; and the carrying out of a symposium for the study of the landscape, architecture and urban planning in Galicia are some of the agreements adopted by the new SARGADELOS Foundation’s Board, which was established last Monday, October 26th.

Segismundo García, the sole administrator of the companies, after welcoming the new Board of Trustees, highlighted that once overcoming the adverse circumstances that had crossed the business group of SARGADELOS, understands that it is a civic duty, in these times of pandemic, not to be frightened and undertake exciting projects and initiatives and that, ultimately, they result in the well-being and improvement of our quality of life.

The President of the Foundation considered the composition of the current Board of Trustees a luxury, thanking the incorporation in a personal capacity of the Conselleiro de Cultura y Educación, Mr. Román Rodríguez, and the institutional representatives of the Xunta and the Concellos de Cervo and Sada, where SARGADELOS has factories. It also stated that, given the suitability and qualification of the Board of Trustees, it would be unforgivable if brilliant results were not achieved.

The carrying out of the studies and arrangements necessary for the opening to the public of the facilities of the Carlos Maside Museum, in O Castro-Sada, which has one of the most important collections of Galician painting and sculpture, is one of the agreements adopted by the Board of Trustees. Deadlines were already set for the first steps in this objective, which will open next summer.

The Sargadelos Foundation, without any public assistance, already opened to visitors the new facilities of the SARGADELOS Museum last summer, which had an exceptional reception, with the visit of 4,652 people. The museum exhibits unique pieces and objects that show the different stages of the emblematic ceramics of Galicia. The works for this new museum, adjacent to the ceramic’s factory, were carried out by Sargadelos on the premises of the former Seminary of Forms, which the factories bought for making it available to the Foundation last year.

In September of next year, the first Days of Art and Design will be held. On this occasion they will be dedicated to questioning and thinking about the Galician landscape and architecture, in order to prestige our habitat and banish, as far as possible, bad habits that sometimes embarrass the visitor.

The new Board of Trustees was made up of Segismundo García, president; the economist Alberto Leiro, as vice president and treasurer; Luis Rodríguez (Lois Caeiro) as secretary; Román Rodríguez, senior lecturer at USC and Conselleiro de Educación; Bieto Rubido, journalist, Camilo Díaz, representing the Laboratory of Forms. And on behalf of the Xunta de Galicia and the Concellos de Cervo and Sada, Anxo M. Lorenzo, General Director of Cultural Policies and the respective mayors, Alfonso Villares and Oscar Benito Portela.

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