SARGADELOS created an exclusive piece to donate the amount collected by auction to the Spanish Association Against Cancer

Publicado el día 2019-11-07

Sargadelos - AECC

Coinciding with the International Breast Cancer Day, SARGADELOS created an exclusive piece to donate the amount collected by auction to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.


The piece is a reinterpretation of Eva, the filleted anthropomorphic woman, a catalog figure that, on this occasion was partially dyed pink becoming a unique piece worthy of a collector. The base of this piece is inscribed “Exclusive piece 1/1 – 10/19/2019”.
After several days of auction, through a well-known web platform, the piece reached the value of € 911, something that satisfies the management of SARGADELOS because they are surprised by such pleasant reception by the public.


Money collected was donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Precisely today in the morning, Mrs. María Luz Abella, Provincial President, Ángeles Encinas, Treasurer of the association and Pilar Busto, president of the sanitary sector of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Lugo, went to the SARGADELOS production factory in Cervo to make a symbolic act of the money collection. On behalf of the association, the president said ‘we are surprised by the idea and the affectionate, respectful, sensitive and collaborative attitude of SARGADELOS towards the problem of cancer and specifically of breast cancer’ We are excited and encouraged to continue working for this cause. But not only we were surprised by this decision but we are greatly grateful for it and it is something we will not forget. We are also very grateful to all who bid and to Marta and her sister who in the end with their decision and their insistence on the bid managed to win this beautiful unique piece of SARGADELOS ”.


Mrs. Marta L., a neighbor of Lugo who bought this unique piece, was also present in the act. She said that the principal reason to led her and her sister Gema to bid was somehow to pay a small tribute to her mother for everything she has happened as a result of this disease.


SARGADELOS appreciates the welcome of the initiative and show that it will not be an isolated act, they are already thinking of doing some other initiative for next year to collaborate with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, in order to contribute to the investigation of a disease that, according to the SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology) in 2017, remained the second cause of death in Spain.


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