Sargadelos, chosen for the new restaurant Tickets of the Adriá and Iglesias brothers

Publicado el día 2016-07-13


The historic Galician factory of porcelain of Sargadelos has been selected by the Adriá and Iglesias brothers to join in their new gastronomic project, Tickets, opened in Barcelona in the spring of 2011.

Tickets, promoted by the Adriá (Ferrán and Albert) and Iglesias brothers (Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro, owners of the restaurant “Rías de Galicia” in Barcelona), is a restaurant bar that culminates “the dialogue with the tapas” that the Adrià brothers initiated in El Bulli in the Nineties. Tickets shows the evolution of their concept until its definition as “The tapa life: a global concept that links the gastronomy to a form of understanding life. A fun way of eating that transforms those who participate in performers of a play, a parade of choristers, a vaudeville circus, in protagonist of an interlude song. In The tapa life there is no place for boredom.
The Adriá and Iglesias brothers opted for the trays, dishes and glasses of Sargadelos because they connect with the values of Tickets, like innovation, quality and excellence. Also, Tickets, values the different design and own character that the pieces of Sargadelos bring to the table.
The pieces chosen by Tickets are all original of the design team of Sargadelos, although the brand also collaborates with prestigious international designers. All they incorporate the characteristic colour of Sargadelos since his birth more than 200 years ago: the blue cobalt.

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