Mural in solidarity with Japan of the Sargadelos School of Ceramics

Publicado el día 2016-07-13


The mural started like an initiative of the Sargadelos School of Ceramics in O Castro in collaboration with the students of eleventh grade of the Adormideras High School of A Coruña.

The work is a gesture of solidarity with Japan after the catastrophe they suffered. In the mural appears the poem Iroha, attributed to Kobo Daishi (774-835), which contains, without any repetition, all the sounds of the Japanese language and it is often used for learning. A pangram or text that uses all the possible letters in the alphabet of a language.

Even the blossoming flowers
will eventualy scatter
who in our world
is unchanging?
The deep mantains of vanity
we cross then today
And we shall not see superficial dreams
Nor be deluded.

The mural could have different
interpretations: the intention of
an approach to the Japanese culture since
this poem is one of the first things that is
learned in the study of the Japanese
language. The puzzle form cald also lead
to different readings (unity…).

The mural is composed of 429 pieces and it was made using a recycled ceramic paste (composed of wastes of gres, porcelain,…). This means that not all the pieces have the same appearance, which enriches the mural contributing different tonalities and reliefs that endow it with a single piece character.

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