Publicado el día 2019-06-26


Sargadelos, June 25, 2019 – From next Monday, July 1, SARGADELOS re-establishes guided tours in the production plants in Cervo and Sada. The aim is to promote and preserve one of the landmarks of cultural, tourist and business heritage of Galicia with more than 210 years of history.

The open spirit of SARGADELOS allows visiting the production process freely and without a guide during all the working hours in the production plants. To see the process in situ causes a great interest in visitors because our production process avoids industrialization to get closer to the artisan. This fact highlights the importance of our pieces because each one is unique and representative of our land.

In addition, throughout the year you can organize guided tours for groups by calling 982 557 841 or by email

Because of the great interest that SARGADELOS awakens, one more year we want to transmit our values of design, quality and commitment giving the visitor the opportunity to know us from the inside. The hours for the guided tours during July and August will be:

-Sargadelos Factory in Cervo (Lugo) at 11:00h and 13:00h (monday to friday in work days).

-Sargadelos. O Castro Factory in Sada (A Coruña) at 12:00h (monday to friday in work days).

During the visit, that lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, visitors will be able to know each of the processes a piece of Sargadelos goes through until becoming a unique porcelain piece of the highest quality. It is a very laborious, quasi-artisan and of a great manufacturing complexity process that has remained alive for centuries and that constitutes a treasure in itself.

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