Publicado el día 2019-07-27


In July 1968, the animated film “Yellow Submarine” based on the Beatles namesake song was released in the United Kingdom. The aesthetics and ideology of the new countercultural movement of the time were represented in this film.

The rebellion of the youth in those sixties led the hippie movement and the May 1968 revolts, but the carefree, insolent and daring music of countless musical groups tempered the proclaimed contempt and transgression.

50 years after that premiere, SARGADELOS wants to pay tribute to a few generations, who, in their ingenuity, tried to change the world and although they did not succeed, they opened new paths to freedom with their enthusiasm for life and their passion for music.

For all of them we created the ELESEDE-51 submarine, a piece that seeks to reflect the irreverent and libertarian spirit of that time. With this new creation, which joins “Psychedelia” (tribute to Pink Floyd) launched in November 2016, SARGADELOS persists in the intention to “open up to the world” without refusing the Galician roots at any time.

This internationalization effort is rewarded with the presence in prestigious media such as The New York Times, which published a report on the 23rd with the dishes that could be tasted in the Little Spain space and much of the ceramic supports used were part of our catalog:




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