Witches´ Sabbath Serial


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Product description

Witches´ Sabbath Serial 1/1000

Height: 36,5 cm

Material: Porcelain

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth

Aquelarre is a Basque term referring to a gathering of witches, presided over by the devil in the form of a huge male goat. These meetings usually take place on Saturday night, however the main meetings are the ones held the night of Saint John, Saint Paul and especially the day of “San Silvestre” on December 31st.


The idea of this Aquelarre-bottle comes from one Basque who joined our Sargadelos’ seminar in the year 1.973. The main body of the bottle represents the “Castrón Leonardo” finishing with a head that also can be used as cork. Over the main body of the bottle there are four groups in line of four witches, being bigger at the base and smaller at the top.

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