Saint Jordi


109,50 €

Product description

Height: 31 cm

Material: Porcelain

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth

Saint Jordi Legend

The legend explains that a fierce dragon, capable of poisoning the air and killing with his breath, had terrorized the inhabitants of the city in Montblanc (Tarragona) a long time ago. The inhabitants, scared and tired of their ravages and misdeeds, decided to calm him by feeding him with a person a day chosen by lot. After several days, bad luck fell to the princess. When the princess left her home and headed for the dragon, a knight called Saint Jordi, wearing shining armor and riding a white horse, suddenly appeared to go to her rescue. Saint Jordi raised his sword and went through the dragon, finally freeing the princess and the citizens. From the blood of the dragon a rose bush rose with the reddest roses that had ever been seen. Saint Jordi, triumphant, pulled up a rose and offered it to the princess.

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