Sábila Small Flowerpot


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Product description

The plant known as Aloe (also known as Sabila in Spanish) comes from dry regions in Africa, Madagascar and Near East, later spread throughout the whole world.

It is known for its many medicinal properties, such as healing burns, wounds, skin diseases and so on. In addition, due to its charm and hardness is also widely cultivated as ornamental, both in gardens and pots.

History and legend are often intertwined around the figure of the Aloe. "The plant of immortality" was called in ancient Egypt, used in burial rites and Pharaohs embalming. Pictorial representations of this plant have been found in sepulchers and funerary monuments. It was also mentioned in the famous "Papyrus of Ebers", also known as the "Egyptian book of remedies".

It is also known as "the biblical plant" because of the many times that it appears in both the old and the new testaments. And even the god Baal-Zebut was represented with an aloe plant on his hands as a symbol of immortality due to its power regenerating life.

SARGADELOS, faithful to the informative aim, was inspired by the fleshy and thick leaves that come from its short stem. Lanceolate leaves with a sharp apex have served as inspiration to create this vegetable pattern. These flowerpot stands have been created together with our cobalt blue and the clarity of our white colour. They have no greater aspiration than to decorate and bring freshness to new spaces.



High: 14,5 cm approximately.

Diameter: 21 cm approximately.

Material: porcelain.

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