Pack 2 Underplates CRYSTAL M BLACK


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Product description

Material: glass.

Diameter: 35 cm.

Composition: 2 Underplates MCRIS BLACK

Items are produced by hand, not automatically. Each item is unique.
The production technique is known as spinning. The liquid glass is heated at 1100 degrees Celsius in the oven and then poured into a mold.
After this process, the mold is worked by a person until the glass takes the desired shape.
When the glass is ready, it is removed from the mold using a rod and then transported to a cooling furnace. This is how transparent glass is produced, basically.
Decoration: The already shaped glass, enters the cooling oven. Once cooled, an operator sprays the back surface with organic paints. After this process, the glass is put in the oven once again.
Finally, the surface is covered with a colorless protector, which protects it from scratches.

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