María de las Batallas


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Mayor Fernandez de la Camara y Pita, popularly known as María Pita, is the unquestionable main figure of Corunna’s history. Demanding and resolute woman, she got married and widowed four times; and people say that he did not marry for a fifth time because his last husband demanded it in his will.

It was the year 1589, Sir Francis Drake, corsair of the British Navy, besiege A Coruña as a punishment for the support given to the ‘Spanish Armada’, sent by the Spanish King against England a year earlier.

After long days of fierce fighting and intense fire, population take refuge and offer resistance behind the walls of the Old City. Women and children collaborate as much as men. Doors, windows, mattresses, everything is useful to close holes. But tragically the enemy manages to open a large access gap. Faced with fatigue and a large number of dead and injured people the city seems to succumb.

Then Maria Pita, moving forward with a pike, knocks down and kills the English second lieutenant and snatch away his flag. In view of this heroism, the downhearted spirits of the people of Corunna are transformed, throwing themselves enraged on the enemies who hurriedly retreat. Source: Turismo Coruña.

Height: 26 cm approx.

Material: Porcelain.

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.

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