Finis Terrae Frangance Replacement


12,40 €

Product description

Sculptor and builder, Master Mateo is the author of the Portico Glory of the Cathedral of Compostela, the highest work of Romanesque sculpture. This is the last stage, where pilgrims reach their destination and can rest satisfied, after finally crossing all the paths along the cliffs and feeling the pounding of the waves and the sea breeze.

This scent has a spicy tone with a top note of Bergamot, Orange and Black Pepper; heart of Violet and base of Vetiver, Patchouli, Amber and Musk.

Packaging dimensions:

  • Height: 26 cm
  • Length: 5.5 cm
  • Width: 5.5 cm

The pack contains:

  • 100 ml aroma bottle
  • Pack 6 sticks


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