Envés Vase


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Product description

Leaves are the organs of the plants specialized in photosynthesis, one of the most representative and characteristic elements of each species, so there is an extensive field of study on this matter.

Foliar morphology describes the different ways of classifying them. Thus, according to the structure, they can be simple or compound; according to the shape, they can be round, oval, lobed, elliptical, widened, lanceolate, spatulate, cuneiform, linear...; according to the appearance in the edge, they can be sawed, serrated, lobed, split...; according to the vein, they can be pinnacle, palmate, radial, parallel…and thus in an endless number of classifications that show the great richness and diversity present in the vegetal world.

Leaves usually consist of a flat sheet called blade, of a small stem called petiole (which joins the blade to the main stem) and of a pair of extensions similar to leaves called stipules.

Blade is the part of the leaf that most chloroplasts responsible for photosynthesis has and it consists of two faces, the upper and visible one called upper side and the lower and usually more hidden called underside (envés in Spanish).

In SARGADELOS we chose this part, usually considered as the less perfect or less bright side or face in leaves, but it actually has a thinner cuticle, higher density of stomata and, also, greater large number of trichomes (epidermal cells), to name a design with clear vegetal inspiration.

This way, we want to pay attention to things that deep down are much more than they seem to be. They seem modest, less luxuriant and dull, but they hide inside a much richer and more complex world than we could imagine.


High: 29 cm approximately.

Color: blue and green.

Material: porcelain.

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