Vimbio Dinner Set (20 pieces)


318,18 €

Product description

Basketry is one of the aspects of craftsmanship that best reflects the global identity of people who develop it. Basketry was always very present in Galicia and enjoys a great wealth of shapes and materials. That is why we have climatic diversity and botanical wealth, as well as the social and economic activities developed in each area.

The Vimbio decoration is inspired by the plaiting of the traditional baskets made with the rods get from these bushes. In Sargadelos we wanted to recover these ornamental motifs used to decorate ceramics during the Castro time. This way we wanted to demand the importance of a craftsmanship that says a lot about us and our way of being.

The dinner set alternates pieces completely decorated with others partially decorated to be able to change its composition and offer a new appearance in each use.


- 2 Blue Vimbio dessert plates (diameter: 215 mm)

- 4 White Vimbio dessert plates (diameter: 215 mm)

- 2 Blue Vimbio deep plates (diameter: 195 mm)

- 4 White Vimbio deep plates (diameter: 195 mm)

- 2 Blue Vimbio flat plates (diameter: 260 mm)

- 4 White Vimbio flat plates (diameter: 260 mm)

- 1 Vimbio Oval Platter (340 x 250 mm)

- 1 Vimbio Salad Bowl (230 x 95 mm)

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