Sargadelos Museum

Imagen Museo SARGADELOS Access to the SARGADELOS Museum, next to the fountain designed by Arcadio Blasco, Carmen Perujo, Enrique Mestre and Silveiro Rivas.


The emblematic building that once housed the SARGADELOS Seminar, after recovering the original environments and through seven rooms, aims to show the history of ceramics, the aesthetic evolution of porcelain production and the important role that SARGADELOS played in culture Galician.
In this enclosure you can find various rooms with a wide collection of our artistic and cultural heritage. From the beginning, with the precursors room that shows pieces of old SARGADELOS and traditional pottery from Galicia, to the last room of current SARGADELOS, passing through the auditorium, the library or the room dedicated to experiences, held at SARGADELOS since 1972.
We recommend making the visit from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., so that you can continue the SARGADELOS EXPERIENCE contemplating the different stages of the ceramic process in our production plant.

Pieces made by different artists during the old Experiences of SARGADELOS.
Family receiving a guided tour.
Detail of carved spiral in the old house of Isaac.
Auditorium of the SARGADELOS Seminary.
Old and current pieces exhibited in the Museum.