Fábrica SargadelosSargadelos factory

Interior fábrica O CastroO Castro factory

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Modelos de decoraciónDecoration models

Hermanos AliantoAilanto brothers


Today, there are two production plants with over 250 people working. One plant is located in O Castro de Samoedo, close to Sada (A Coruña), and the other in SARGADELOS, in Cervo (Lugo).

Both industrial plants blend perfectly into their unique environment because of their outstanding architectural design, with Art Museum, exhibition and sales Gallery and swimming pool. Our original architecture and large murals give us our own identities, which makes SARGADELOS has been declared Cultural Feature of National Interest.

For the distribution of the products, SARGADELOS has several exclusive sales points, called SARGADELOS Galleries, to which are added a network of more than sixty decoration and jewelry stores that offer the articles arround the world.

Alongside its core business, SARGADELOS is characterized by sponsoring for diffusion and promotion of the culture (with special emphasis on Galician roots) that it realizes through SARGADELOS FOUNDATION.


Ceramic production is the main activity of SARGADELOS since its birth in the 19th century, when Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez was able to build the first ceramic factory in the norht of Lugo, A Mariña.

The creations of SARGADELOS stands out for handling detail in each of its pieces. All their porcelain tableware, figures and jewelry are decorated and finished by hand after leaving the ovens of the factories in O Castro and Cervo.


The technological renewal is part of the cultural identity of SARGADELOS Ceramics from its beginning, in century XIX, when was introduced the “porcelana alumbrada” and the lithographic printing in Spain.

With the same pioneering spirit, Sargadelos has developed, in the last decades, a unique process of porcelain firing, developing beautiful and luminous colors of great resistance to erosion.


One of the main hallmarks of the porcelain of SARGADELOS is the originality of its designs, inspired by traditional forms and motifs of Galician and celtic culture.

All the creations of SARGADELOS are easily recognizable by their own colors, genuine typography and exclusive molds, resulted from talent and hard work of Galician artists as Luis Seoane, Isaac Diaz Pardo and Xosé Vizoso.

To achieve efficiency in their designs, SARGADELOS artists design forms based on a necessary search for information that gives meaning for place in time the pieces developed.

The creations of SARGADELOS appear in the leading design books and magazines that "create trend", constituting a global reference in the world of ceramics. Many artists and sculptors come to SARGADELOS to learn and impregnate themselves with their avant-garde and excellence.


SARGADELOS has always been open to collaborate with artists of prestige, from Galician artists like Souto, Colmeiro, Castelao, Maside, Laxeiro, Acisclo Manzano, Caruncho, X. Quessada, Silverio Rivas, Ignacio Basallo, Jorge Barbi, Xavier Toubes, Correa Corredoira, Francisco Leiro or Antonio Murado; As well as international figures such as Hernández Pijuán, Eddy Varekamp, Norman Trapman, Oteiza, the Ailanto brothers, Martín Azúa among others; Or ceramists such as Maria Bofil, Arcadio Blasco, Enrique Mestre, Luis Castaldo and Ángel Garraza.

All of them contributed their knowledge in collaborations, experiences of workshops and seminars realized in our facilities. Adapting, some of them, their creations to the own forms and the way of working of the workshops of SARGADELOS.

For all this, the kind reader, will have understood that DESIGN, CULTURE, HISTORY AND QUALITY are our signs of identity.