1949 - Present day

The Fifth Stage

díaz pardoIsaac Díaz Pardo and Luis Seoane

Seoane Díaz PardoSeoane and Díaz Pardo in O Castro complex

complejoSargadelos View Complex

produccionCervo Production Plant

toxoToxo Color Decorated


Before of to the inauguration of the new SARGADELOS in Cervo (Lugo) in 1970, Isaac Díaz Pardo began in 1949 in Sada (A Coruña) a ceramic workshop that finally became the industrial complex of O Castro.

After experimenting with different techniques and designs, Díaz Pardo and their collaborators opted to reproduce, in very limited series, original figures of artists. They used Galician lands of Mariña Lucense, which obtained a fine, translucent paste of great hardness and whiteness. For that the porcelain has a great quality.

The restlessness business and artistic of Isaac Díaz Pardo led him to initiate ceramic experiences in Argentina, which allowed him contact with Galician exiles, among whom was the painter Luis Seoane. These experiences, which ended business badly, however served to interest Galician intellectuals who had been exiled in Argentina since the end of the Spanish Civil War. The intention of these intellectuals was to work for the economic and cultural recovery of Galicia. This was reflected with the creation of the Forms Laboratory in 1963.

Meanwhile, O Castro in 1960, it built a new plant incorporating into its production designs with abstract geometric motifs borrowed from Galician Romanesque and Baroque, or shapes that, in some way, keep a parallel with the formal symbolism of Romanesque art.


In this project, led by Diaz Pardo and Seoane, for economic and cultural recovery in Galicia, we must stand out the resurgence of SARGADELOS. The construction of the factory started in Cervo in 1968, after the formation of the company Cerámica de SARGADELOS. They started the manufacture of the first pieces soon. It was to restore in that new stage the spirit of enterprise of the old SARGADELOS associated with a revisionist cultural conception of what Galicia meant.

The success of such aventure was immediate, the design and quality were combined with history, making the brand SARGADELOS an iconic reference of what is and represents Galicia. In this an achievement had an important participation the work and business capacity as well as the artistic quality of Isaac Díaz Pardo. But we must not forget the design inspiration of Luis Seoane and the effort and dedication of the several hundred workers who considered and consider SARGADELOS as something more than a company.

After overcoming a convulsive stage at the beginning of this century, SARGADELOS is currently exploring new product lines, increasing its business figures and again it feels loved by the Galicians and it proud to expand its good work and brand beyond our borders.

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