The Fourth Stage

tazaCoffee cup decorated by hand

marcasBrands fourth stage

The Ibáñez family returned to take over running SARGADELOS, forming an association with Atocha and Morodo from A Coruña in 1873. Basically, the same pieces from the previous stage are reproduced, although without achieving the same quality. Investments in new installations came to a halt, and the expert foreign ceramicists were no longer employed.

This was the stage in which the economic losses caused by lawsuits between the members of the Ibáñez family led to SARGADELOS closing down as a company in 1875.

From that moment until its legacy was recovered in the second half of the twentieth century, the history of this formidable initiative and the testimonies of the beautiful pieces produced in its workshops spread far and wide. In 1972, the perimeter walls of the old Factory were declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.

SARGADELOS became a genuine myth, with a special place in the collective memory.