The First Stage

Presa SargadelosSargadelos dam first stage

Marcas primera épocaBrands first stage

José Ibáñez, son of the founder of SARGADELOS, took over control of the company after his father’s death. With the help of his maternal uncles and his wife, Anita Varela, he extended the original factory, installing three production kilns, two smaller kilns for test pieces, and a series of workshops with more than 25 potter’s wheels.The factory produced up to 20,000 pieces of chinaware a year in the early 1830’s.

The characteristic pieces from this period are white, with a glossy enamel and a cream or slightly blue tinge. The most outstanding pieces are plaques, flowerpots and jars, designed in neo-classic style inspired by Bristol chinaware from England. The first hand-painted pieces date from this period.