Compass Rose Key chain


28,10 €

Product description

Approximate height: 90 mm.

Approximate height porcelain piece: 40 mm.

Ring diameter: 33 mm.

Material: Porcelain, Leather and Lacquered Steel.

It is inspired in one of the few symbols of the portulan cartography which has resisted the passage of time and it still is used today in maritime maps and compasses.

It was used for first time in the year 1300, the Wind Rose was originally designed for maritime use to determinate the direction of the winds. Its iconography consists in a circle that has marked around the 32 courses in which the horizon is divided.

In SARGADELOS we use this symbol to design a unique piece of porcelain mounted on high quality leather, with the wish that it serves as a guide to all those who possess it.

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