Camel Iris Style Bracelet


57,02 €

Product description

925 sterling silver bracelets with natural leather strober stitched at the edge. They are 39 cm long and can be camel or cobalt blue. They have a hand painted under enamel porcelain plate, inspired by SARGADELOS traditional plates but with a modern, avant-garde and timeless design.

Bracelet made of leather strip and porcelain sheet from SARGADELOS.

  • Leather strip length: 39 cm
  • Leather strip thickness. 3 mm.
  • Silver clasps
  • Leather colour: camel
  • Porcelain sheet: Iris decoration (1 cm diameter)
  • Jewellery certificate of authenticity

Approximate delivery time 7 work days. (The term may vary depending on the quantity requested and existing orders in the factory, all requests will be answered in strict order of receipt).

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