Brétema Perfume Water


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Product description

Galicia is a country of fogs, of ‘brétemas’ in our Galician language. They are those cloudy formations that appear and disappear unexpectedly at any moment and place, giving mystery and splendor to our land since immemorial time…

That is why in Sargadelos, always interested in making our best material and immaterial peculiarities public to the world, we have tried to catch in this small porcelain pitcher one of the most characteristic meteorological phenomena in Galicia: ‘brétemas’.

The four elements of nature necessary to the ceramic procedure take place are recorded on the bottle: fire, earth, air and water. And inside we have settled a bit of our land essence.All this, together with our history, result in an unmistakable perfume packaged in an exceptional ceramic handmade and painted in our characteristic "cobalt blue" vessel.

Measures approx .: ø90 x 150 x 40 mm.

Unisex vaporizer 85 ml.

When you buy a bottle of BRÉTEMA Perfume Water (eau de parfum) (from SARGADELOS), you don’t only buy an exclusive fragrance that tries to evoke (remember) perennial aromas and essences hidden in the Galician landscapes and that we wanted to mix with the freshness of the sea breeze so present in our coasts.

You also get a ceramic bottle of SARGADELOS (i.e. a small work of art) designed and manufactured in our workshops by highly qualified and skilled craftswomen.
That is why we have worried that when the perfume runs out, if you send the bottle to our factory, for an amount of € 39 we will return it again refilled.

We want the original aroma brétema to go with you for many years.

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