Blue Swallows Foulard


103,31 €

Product description

Sargadelos has been inspired by the flight of the swallows, one of the migratory birds par excellence, for the design and execution of this scarf. This bird, very common and popular in our cities, flies compulsively from one place to another, making our day happy; and it is so familiar that he doesn´t hesitate to nest in our houses or visiting us on our balconies.

Therefore, due to its closeness and absence of sophistication , as a sign of admiration, consideration and respect, in Sargadelos we have been inspired by this delicate, graceful and aerodynamic bird, to create this exclusive high quality scarf, made on 100% natural silk, which we hope it can bring you well-being and delicacy.

Length: 180 cm approximately.
Width: 50 cm approximately.

Material: satin silk with double-sided swallows print.

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