Blue & Brown Montecastelo G Button Earrings


57,27 € 81,82 €

Product description

Earrings in sterling silver and rhodium-plated with glazed porcelain and hand-painted mount.

Porcelain trimmings: 15,10mm x 15,10mm x 10 mm.

Weight: 6,7 g/unit.

Stick of 1mm in diameter and 10mm in length. Wing nut 10 mm.

Colour: cobalt blue and brown.

The Montecastelo collection belongs to the SARGADELOS DNA with a strong inspiration in the environment where each one of the firm’s pieces is carefully made.

The Montecastelo collection is born thanks to this strong inspiration, which makes reference to one of the best known viewpoints in Burela, located at few kilometres from the Porcelain Factory, and which has one of the most beautiful views in the area.

Each one of the pieces in this collection keeps the already high quality standards of SARGADELOS, sterling silver, luxury finishes, designed, shaped, painted piece by piece and completely produced with ancestral methods. More than two centuries of handmade experience, that now is jointed to an avant-garde, cosmopolitan and timeless design, under the incomparable stamp of FEITO en GALICIA (made in Galician).

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