Angel Vilma


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Product description

Large: 12,5 cm.

High: 6,5 cm.

Material: Porcelain.


Sargadelos owes Argentina a lot. There, on the banks of the widest river of Earth, in coastal regions in front of Montevideo, where River Plate is 80 kilometres wide, is located Magdalena. In this colonial settlement on the pre-Colombian Tubichaminí Islands territory, was planned, among other institutions, the new Sargadelos. It was in Magdalena where the Laboratorio de Formas de Galicia (Laboratory of Galicia’s Forms) was created, an institution responsible for several projects already carried out, including this one about the new Sargadelos. All of them were oriented to the recovery of our historical memory.

On the other hand, Argentina is also something that belongs to Galicia. We only have to see many of the men who characterize features of the Argentine personality to understand that Galicia is present in this American land: Rivadavia, Nocedal, Pereira… The largest city of Galicia, Buenos Aires, is in Argentina and there no less than a third of the Galician peoplewho were born here in the last century lived and died, and our blood is forever mixed with the blood of the Argentine people. In Argentina, Castelao was an emigrant and later an exiled. And there he died and Argentina lovingly kept his embalmed body for thirty-five years.

And more and more Argentines are coming to Galicia and to Sargadelos in particular, especially to take part in the experiences of their Seminary. And Sargadelos receives them with a special affection, as something of theirs.

In one of these times, Vilma Villaverde, an argentine ceramist born in Buenos Aires, with a very important wealth of studies, work and prestige in that country came to Sargadelos. She worked for several months in Sargadelos Seminary where she left an important work dedicated as a tribute to Galicia and particularly to Sargadelos. This work fills a small room today that is kept as a treasure among our collections of contemporary ceramics.

Vilma Villaverde allowed us to reproduce in our porcelain, incorporating it into the production of Sargadelos, one of her pieces: an angel who goes, or who comes, as a bearer of a message of his spirit and his love. This piece is going to be reproduced with number, but without limit, to see where the flight of the Vilma’s Angel arrives.

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